Do you ever wonder where you tank water has come from before you drink it?

Tank water comes from rain that falls on to your roof, flows through your gutters and into your water tank. 

You want to catch rainwater that is clear, has little taste or smell and is from a well-maintained water catchment system.  This will provide you with safe drinking water that is unlikely to cause any illness.

Have you looked at your guttering closely? 

Most people forget to consider the soundness of their gutters and downpipes in the process of collecting rainwater for consumption.

If gutters and downpipes are unclean and not clear flowing, they can affect the reliability of your drinking water.

Most gutters and downpipes will have a collection of leaves, bugs and debris caught up in them.  It is this build-up when it starts to rot, that can cause illness in humans.

Gutters can also trap undesirable nesting birds and pests such as mice, rats, possums trying to access your roof space.  Their faeces can sometimes fall into the guttering system.

How to ensure safe drinking water from your water tank

To combat this problem, installing gutter protection mesh securely over the top of your gutters will let water flow through the gutters.  It is designed to prevent contaminants from getting into your guttering system and entering your rainwater tank.

Tips to check before buying gutter mesh 

If you decide to install gutter mesh, there are several checks to ensure your drinking water maintains it cleanliness –

  • Ensure the gutter protection mesh you use is made of food grade material.  Some gutter mesh can be made from materials that will leach metals and chemicals into your drinking water.
  • Ensure a secure fit – this will stop leaves and small twigs getting trapped in the mesh and breaking down.
  • Gutter protection designed to capture 100% water – you want the maximum amount of water to be captured into your water tank.

At Four Seasons Gutter Protection, we pride ourselves on using NZ premium gutter mesh that is food grade safe and carries a 20-year manufacturers guarantee.

Our mesh comes in many different colours and can be fitted to any type of roof and gutter system for a secure fit.  Call us now on 0800 700 532 or email sales@fsgp.co.nz, and we’ll help you keep your family safe with clean, clear drinking water.

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