It’s hard to believe that spring is almost here. With the warmer temperatures it’s time to clean those clogged gutters – unless, of course, you have the  gutter guards by Fourseasons Gutter Protection ! If you’re still cleaning gutters (or worse, have inferior gutter covers and gutter guard cleaning is on your to-do list), here are some safety tips from the experts.

Don’t Go it Alone | Gutter Guards

Every year, there are over 160,000 ladder-related injuries requiring medical care. You can avoid becoming a statistic by having someone hold the ladder steady. Your work partner can also make sure that the hose doesn’t get tangled and that you’re not leaning in a dangerous manner. And, in the event you do fall, having someone there to get you medical attention can make a difference.

Gutter Guards
Gutter Guards

Practice Ladder Safety | Gutter Guards

In order to avoid becoming a ladder fall statistic, you need to practice ladder safety. In addition to having someone holding the ladder, there are other tips that will keep you safe. First, wear sturdy shoes with a non-slip sole. Second, always keep both feet and one hand on the ladder while working. Third, ensure that you place your ladder on firm ground and that it has sufficient slope for a safe climb. Lastly, be aware of power lines and take care to avoid them.

Gutter guards
gutter guards

Be Prepared Install Gutter Guards

Before you even head up on the ladder, make sure you have the necessary supplies. We recommend the following:

  • Water & puncture-proof gloves. Gutters collect all sorts of debris from animal droppings, sticks, twigs, leaves and even animal bones. Protect your hands from whatever may be in yours.
  • Bucket or tarp. You’ll want to either shovel the debris and muck into a bucket or drop it on a tarp below. Both methods work; the bucket saves having to clean the tarp but can require more trips up and down the ladder. 
  • Trowel or small shovel. Although you can scoop everything out with your hands, if the debris in your gutters is wet or decomposing, you probably don’t want to, even with gloves. A garden trowel or small shovel will aid in getting most debris out prior to using the hose.
  • Eye protection. Whether you’re wearing protective glasses or just sunglasses, protect your eyes from possible splatter. 
  • Sturdy & sufficient ladder. This goes back to avoiding fall accidents. Make sure your ladder is in good condition and tall enough for you to safely stand and reach your gutters.
  • Hose. Once you have the muck out of the gutters, you’ll want to hose out the remaining dirt. Your hose should have a high-pressure nozzle and be long enough that it’s not pulling you dangerously off the ladder.

Gathering all the tools you need before getting started will make the job easier and taking safety precautions will protect you. 

Put an End to Gutter Cleaning

Although the reason most homeowners install gutter guards is to avoid cleaning gutters, If you’re in this situation, be sure to follow the safety tips above; however, you may be able to use the hose to remove some of the debris.

With the right product, gutter guard cleaning shouldn’t be necessary. If you choose the best gutter guards from Gutter Guards from Fourseasons Gutter Protection , not only will you never clean your gutters guards again, you’ll also never clean your gutters. We guarantee it! Free Call: 0508 30 25 23today for a free quote for the best gutter guards and permanently remove gutter and gutter guard cleaning from your to-do list. You can also chat with an agent or fill out our contact form to schedule your quote.

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