Continuous Control Flow Gutter Mesh

Stylishly blended, long-lasting, worry-free gutters

Award winning, exclusive gutter mesh for 100% water capture.  Does not affect how your gutters work – in fact it makes them work more effectively!

  • Exclusive to Four Seasons, award winning design
  • Water capture – 100%
  • Leaves, birds and pests – 99% elimination
  • Product Guarantee – 20 year unconditional
  • Workmanship Guarantee – 7 Year (if installed by Four Seasons)
  • Material – Virgin Grade Polyethylene with the highest strength UV stabilisers
  • Weight – 1050 gsm (grams per square meter) – the strongest mesh available
  • Total strand thickness 3.6mm
  • Colours – 16 COLORSTEEL® colours
  • Grade – Food Safe (will not contaminate water supplies)
  • Available for gutters and valleys – Yes
  • Suitable for all roof types and valleys – concrete tile, metal tile, corrugated iron, deck, and butynol shingles.
  • Use – commercial and residential

Award winning gutter mesh

Continuous control flow mesh is our award-winning gutter mesh product.  It combines design with innovation to give you perfect flowing gutters that blend well with your home and building exterior.


Our mesh works efficiently in two ways – first, it stops 99% of the leaves from clogging the gutters. Secondly, it captures 100% of the water from your roof and directs it clearly into your gutters and downpipes.


Our award winning, top of the line gutter mesh fits perfectly to all types of roofs and gutters. It comes in 16 COLORSTEEL® colours to give your home or building, a smooth look, blending well with your tiles and gutters.

Ideal for new home builds, commercial buildings and existing homes wanting a stylish unobtrusive option to clear flowing gutters.

Quality, exclusive to Four Seasons

Our Continuous Control Flow Mesh is made of virgin grade polyethylene – the polyethylene is in its pure form with no foreign fillers.

This ensures the performance of the gutter mesh will match with its application – long-term strength and durability of your mesh. This is how Four Seasons Gutter Protection is able to offer you a 20 year guarantee.

The same great Four Seasons guarantee

Our Continuous Control Flow Mesh is manufactured exclusively for Four Seasons Gutter Protection. The experienced install team only use high grade COLORSTEEL® saddles and trims (.55 BMT) to ensure your gutter mesh lasts the distance.

Ready for stylish, worry-free gutters?

Our wide range of colours and durability will give you worry-free continuous control flow gutters for many years to come.  Contact our team on 0800 700 532, so we can show you how well they will work on your home or buildings gutter system.

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