Beautiful in nature, however, birds can be a menace to commercial properties and businesses.  Their nests, faeces, noise and mess can cause untold damage to your business, in the short and long term.

What damage can birds cause to your commercial property?

Birds, bird droppings and nesting materials, if allowed to accumulate over time can cause – 

  • Damage to your building – severe detriment to building facades, ledges, loading docks, walkways, roofs and more. Building materials such as stone, wood and metal can be damaged due to the acidity of the bird droppings. 
  • Compromised building integrity – in extreme cases, a build-up of bird droppings can impact the structural integrity of your building. 
  • Blocked drains – Seeking a cosy, private space to build a nest, roof drains can become clogged from nesting birds in gutters and downpipes.
  • Fire Hazards – packed nesting materials built up around electrical fixtures can quickly become a fire risk. 
  • Spreading of disease – birds can carry diseases when humans inhale their dust of feathers, secretions, and droppings from infected birds.  Humans can also catch disease when disturbing or cleaning up bird droppings.
  • Damage to your stock – bird detriment and pecking birds can damage packaging and products stored onsite.

Food plant structures and facility surroundings

Birds can be attracted to businesses who process food.  Various types of birds can have a huge impact on food plant structures and facility surroundings. 

A single bird that finds its way into a food plant can trigger a host of concerns such as, product contamination, production stoppage and closure, failed audits, and fire hazards. 

Costs to the commercial business will include lost revenue, fines, structural damage to the building, and health hazards to employees.

How do you stop birds on your commercial property before they become a problem?

Prevention is best.  Birds are usually attracted to food, so regular cleaning of areas where food is around, providing bins for food and rubbish, and best practice for waste management.

Exclusion is another method.  Stop them roosting on buildings or entering the commercial property through several measures.  Most often birds can gain entry through the wide doors of loading docks or damages in roofing.

Can gutter protection stop birds from entering a commercial property?

Yes, they can.  Gutter mesh secures to your guttering systems and is strong enough to stop birds from accessing your gutters and roof space.  

How does Four Seasons gutter protection work?

  • Four Seasons Sales Consultants will inspect your commercial site for safety, and confirm the fitting requirements of your roof.  We will provide you with a comprehensive quote.
  • Our Sales Support team will work with you to schedule an installation appointment.
  • Four Seasons Technical Installers will clean and flush your gutters with water and check all downpipes for blockages.
  • Your gutter guard will be installed to give ongoing protection from leaves, birds and pests. 


Four Seasons Gutter Protection is New Zealand’s market leader in Gutter Protection, and the only company to offer a Manufacturers backed guarantee of up to 20 years.

If birds are a big problem for your business or you want to prevent them from becoming a problem, call us now on 0800 700 532 or email sales@fsgp.co.nz 

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