Eco Mesh gutter mesh

Excellent water flow at an affordable price

Designed as our entry level gutter mesh for all types of roofs.  Easy to install, it’s the perfect weekend DIY project.

  • Exclusive to Four Seasons
  • Water capture – 100%
  • Leaves, birds and pests – 99% elimination
  • Product Guarantee – 8 years unconditional
  • Workmanship Guarantee – 7 Years (if installed by Four Seasons)
  • Material – Virgin Grade Polyethylene with the highest strength UV stabilisers
  • Weight – 600 gsm (grams per square meter)
  • Colours – 2 COLORSTEEL® colours (black or gull grey)
  • Grade – Food Safe (will not contaminate water supplies)
  • Available for gutters and valleys – Yes
  • Suitable for all roof types and valleys – concrete tile, metal tile, corrugated iron, deck, and butynol shingles.
  • Use – commercial and residential

DIY Eco Mesh and save more!

The Eco Mesh is so easy to install, anyone can do it. It has been designed with no specific top or bottom. Simply measure and roll and cut the mesh. It attaches to your gutters with specific roof type settles and trims.

We’re here for you – we’ll help you with installation tips for every roof type, or our installation team can install for you.

100% water collection

Its cross hatched design guarantees 100% water collection, so now you can have a free-flowing gutter without the worries.

This is the perfect short-term solution for those looking for an economical way to clear, flow-free gutters.

Economical solution to free-flowing gutters

It’s a great gutter mesh that comes with our Fours Seasons 8 year product guarantee.  It won’t contaminate water supplies, so if you are using a water tank, this is for you.

Ready to install gutter mesh for the DIYers

We provide all the attachments specific to your roof, so you’re ready to go.  Call us now on 0800 700 532, to discuss how easy it is to install our Eco Mesh. 

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