Maxi Mesh gutter mesh

Fire rated ‘0’, long-lasting aluminium mesh 

Available only through Four Seasons, our Maxi Mesh is an expanded aluminium mesh with an epoxy resin coating.  The aluminium certifies its fire rating of ‘0’ and the coating maintains its long-lasting colour fastness.

  • Exclusive to Four Seasons
  • Water collection – 100%
  • Leaves, birds and pests – 99% elimination
  • Product Guarantee – 8 year unconditional
  • Workmanship Guarantee – 7 Year (if installed by Four Seasons)
  • Material – Aluminium mesh with Hypoxy ® epoxy resin coated
  • Weight – 300 gsm (grams per square meter)
  • Total strand thickness – 1.8mm
  • Colours – 13 COLORSTEEL® colours.
  • Available for gutters and valleys – Yes
  • Suitable for the following roof types and valleys – concrete tile and butynol shingles.
  • Fire Rating ‘0’
  • Use – commercial and residential

Strengthened Aluminium mesh 

Our aluminium mesh has an epoxy resin coating.  When the epoxy resin and hardener are mixed and cured together, they form a cross-link for a durable, rigid plastic coating – that outlasts the colour fastness of traditional powder-coating.

It is made for endurance and will not lose its shape when exposed to the harsh rooftop elements.  

Fire-proof gutter mesh

Looking for fire rating ‘0’ gutter mesh?  Our Maxi Mesh has a flammability index of zero, to protect against embers starting a fire in your roof gutters.  This mesh is a great choice especially in bush fire prone areas or when council requires an appropriate fire rated gutter mesh.

Roof types

Available in 13 COLORSTEEL® colours, our Maxi Mesh gutter guard will look great and is suitable for all concrete tile and butynol shingle roofs.

Due to the differing expansion and contraction rates caused by the elements, Maxi Mesh is not suitable for metal roofs.  The mesh may scratch the roof coating, and expose bare metal, and / or cause electrolysis.

The same great Four Seasons guarantee

Our Maxi Mesh is manufactured exclusively for Four Seasons Gutter Protection.  Our experienced install team only use high grade COLORSTEEL® saddles and trims (.55 BMT) to ensure your gutter mesh lasts the distance. 

Stop over-flowing gutters today

Want to know more about how the Four Seasons Maxi Mesh can stop the damage caused by blocked gutters?  Call our experienced gutter team now on 0800 700 532, to have all your questions answered.

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